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TLC Pet Food

Ridgeview Ragdolls is a member of TICA online Breeders. Click the link above to visit TICA's website for more information.

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Our Kittens are raised underfoot

Ridgeview Ragdolls is a member of Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide online Breeders. Click the link above to visit RFW's website for more information.

What we offer

Quality Comes First


    Here at Ridgeview Ragdolls, we feel that quality kittens are the best for all of our families. To ensure your family is getting a healthy pet, we test for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, better known as Ragdoll HCM as well as PKD1 (Polycystic Kidney Disorder). All of our breeders are tested before breeding, and are all negative for any genetic mutations. Upon request, we can provide you with test results on any of our Kings and Queens to enable you to rest assure that your kitten is free from HCM & PKD1. 

     Each of our kittens comes with a one year genetic guarantee. We will provide families with a kitten contract to help ensure your guarantee is in writing. 

     All of our kittens are vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked, litter trained, and spayed/neutered before leaving our in-home cattery, which will be when your kitten is around 12-13 weeks of age, unless your kitten is purchased as a breeder with breeding rights. Each kitten will go home with the following:


  • TICA Registration Papers
  • Vaccination Records
  • Proof of Spay/Neutering (pets)
  • Supply of Food
  • Toys

     Quality food is also important to us. We feed our Kings, Queens, and kittens (when old enough) top quality foods such as:

  • TLC Pet Food 
  • Fresh is Best Freeze Dried Meats
  • Farm-Fresh Eggs
  • Broiled deboned chicken
  • Fresh Pork Cutlets
  • Fresh Beef Cutlets

It is important to ensure that your ragdoll has a variety of foods. At Ridgeview Ragdolls, we offer our Ragdolls TLC Pet Food on a constant basis, which allows them to eat as they please. Fresh is Best freeze dried meats, deboned broiled chicken, beef, venison, and pork cutlets, and farm-fresh eggs are given as daily meals as well in an alternated regimen. 

     Top quality cat litter is also important to us. Your kitten, along with all of our Kings and Queens, use Pine Pelleted litter (we chose the Pine Pelleted bedding due to cost, which is the same as cat litter) and So Phresh paper pellet cat litter to prevent inhaling clay dust that traditional clay cat litters will create. This is a natural, toxin-free, biodegradable cat litter. Your kitten will be trained on this litter before coming home to your family. We have found that the paper pellets works very well with litter pans with a sifting bottom, but also will work with scoops that will allow waste to be removed from the top of the litter pan. Select which style works for you and your family. 

     Each of the products to the right are linked to websites where you and your family can purchase these at a reasonable price. You may also be able to find them at your local pet supply store in your area as well. 

FIV/FELV, HCM & PKD1 Free Cattery

Kings & Queens Tested


TICA Registered 

 Adults & Kittens

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