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Retired Adult Ragdolls

Meet Phoebe! Our beautiful retired queen is a traditional seal bicolor with a loving and affectionate personality. She has a very calm demeanor and loves to be with us. Phoebe would do very well in a family with another cat, with one of our other retired queens, in a family with older kids, or also with a retired couple or a family who is home a lot. Phoebe is now five years old and has already been spayed and vaccinated. She will be ready to come home when her new family is ready for her. 

Reserved- $600

Available- $1250


     This page is dedicated for families who are looking for an older, more mature cat. At times, we will have adults who are retired from our breeding program that are looking for their "furrever" home, or we will have older pets that have been spayed or neutered that still need that special place to call home. At times, circumstances may arise where families may need to give back their ragdolls due to the family relocating, or other family issues may arise causing a displacement of a ragdoll. If you or your family are looking for a more mature cat, then this page is a good place to start. Check often to see who is available, as we do not have these circumstances arise frequently...

Meet Castiel! He is our handsome retired traditional lilac bicolor boy who has one of the most loving and thoughtful personalities! He always greets us when we come home, and is always wondering what we are doing because he wants to help! Castiel will be three years old in February and has already been neutered and vaccinated and has healed wonderfully. Castiel would do very well with a family with any aged kids, a single person, or with a couple. He also gets along well with other pets, and would do wonderfully with another cat or one of our retired queens. 

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