Meet our stunningly beautiful Queen, Daisy!! She is a seal mitted from our breedings with Amberglade Tiberius, our 100% Original import from Australia, and Happytyme Alarrah, our 100% Old English import from the UK. Daisy is a 100% Traditional pedigreed Ragdoll who has superb boning, fabulous cornflower blue eye color, and perfect markings. Daisy's personality is just as fabulous as her pedigree and outward appearance, which will be passed on to her future kittens!!  Look for her litters later this year with one of our fabulous Kings!!

Meet our gorgeous new upcoming Queen, Southern Belle! She is a solid lilac lynx mitted girl with German lineage who also carries the cinnamon gene. So, very soon we will be able to create the cinnamon color here at our cattery when mated to some of our other cinnamon carriers!! =D Belle has a very laid back and and affectionate personality and will make a fabulous mother to her future kittens!! She will also be a larger girl with stunning eye color and superb boning and structure!! Look for her litters in the future!!


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Meet our new Queen, Mary Poppins! Mary is a fully traceable solid brown tabby bicolor Queen from Ann Baker's first Ragdoll Lines. She comes to us from Happytyme Cattery from the U.K. She has a very sweet disposition, loving personality, and the most stunning deep coloring to her ultra soft fur! Look for her matings in the future as she will produce traditional and solid coated Ragdolls for us bred to our traditional Kings!


Ridgeview Ragdolls

Our Queens

Mocha Latte

Meet our new Queen, Dixie!! She comes to us from Alberta, Canada and is a traditional seal torbie mitted Ragdoll. She has extremely beautiful fur, gorgeous blue eyes, and a very loving and sweet personality we believe she will pass on. We are very excited to see all the beautiful kittens she will have!! We can expect seal and blue colors as well as red and cream boys, tortie and torbie girls, and the possibility of lynx with all her kittens.  

Meet our beautiful upcoming Queen, Anastasia!! She is a blue bicolor girl with super soft bunny-like fur, beautiful eye color, and a personality to match! Anastasia comes to us from RagPublic Cattery in Turkey and has just had her first litter of kittens. She is an extremely affectionate mother who adores her kittens. 

Here is our beautiful Queen, Alarrah, or Allie as we call her. Allie is a traditional seal mitted girl with a blaze and is one of our imports from the UK who has a full 100% Old English Pedigree from the Blossom Time Lines. She has stunning blue eye color, superb boning and coating, a perfect profile, and one of the most loving personalities in our cattery. Look for her upcoming kittens!!

Heather is our beautiful traditional blue colorpoint Queen from our breeding with Mae, our lilac retired Queen, and Tiberius, our King from Australia. She has one of the sweetest dispositions, stunningly soft fur and lovely blue eyes!! Heather has been a fabulous mother and a wonderful addition to our program here!! 

More Love, less Stress

Here is our beautiful Queen, Millie. She is out of one of our breedings and is the daughter of Abbi and Theodin. Millie is a seal mink mitted girl with beautiful deep colorings, gorgeous aqua blue eyes, and the personality to match. Millie always has cute, chunky kittens for us, so look for announcements on her upcoming litters! 



Meet our stunningly beautiful upcoming Queen, Mocha!! She is of our breedings here with Millie and Yeti. Mocha is a seal sepia mitted who has stunning coloring, beautiful aqua blue eyes, and a playful and loving personality to match her beauty!! Look for her mink kittens later this year! 



 Mary Poppins

Our Upcoming Queens

Meet our Olympia!! She is a traditional blue high mitted bicolor Ragdoll whom we have imported from Belarus! Olympia is an extremely affectionate girl who has superb blue eye color, long, soft rabbit-like fur, and fabulous boning and typing. She is a wonderful addition to our breeding program. Look for her kittens this year on our "Available Kittens" page!