Ole' King Arthur is our 100% Traditional Old English Blossom Time import who comes to us from the Happytyme Cattery in the U, K. Arthur is a seal mitted traditional coated Ragdoll with fabulous boning, huge size, superb markings, and wonderful blue eye color. He is registered with TICA and GCCF. Arthur is a wonderful addition to our program as he always produces very large, fluffy, and affectionate kittens with our Queens. So, look for his babies to post to the "Available Kittens" page throughout the year!!


Tiberius is our !00% Original Ragdoll import from the Amberglade Cattery in Australia!! He is a traditional seal bicolor with superb boning and eye color! Tiberius produces large and fluffy kittens with our Queens and passes on his easy going and laid back personality as well. He is also registered with TICA as well as GCCF and carries the necessary color genes to produce chocolate and lilac kittens. Look for his kittens throughout the year on our "Available Kittens" page. 

​Lonestar Levi

Yukon is our King who comes to us from Alberta, Canada and is a traditional blue lynx mitted. He has stunning blue eyes, huge boning, perfect markings and typing and a personality to match! Yukon will make a fantastic addition to our program. Look for his kittens this year with our Queens!! 

Marcus is our 100% Old English King whom we made here. His parents are Happtytyme Ole' King Arthur and Happytyme Alarrah, both imports from the U.K. who are from the Blossom Time lines. Marcus has a very sweet personality and loving nature. He has superb boning, fabulous cornflower blue eye color, and a very soft, fluffy coat. Look for his kittens with our Queens this year!


​Ole' King Arthur

Braveheart is our 100% Traditional King who came to us from the Amberglade Cattery in Australia!! He is a blue colorpoint with stunningly gorgeous blue eye color, perfect boning and typing, that super soft bunny like fur, and a personality that will simply melt your heart!! Braveheart too is double registered with TICA and GCCF and joined our program last year. Look for his kittens throughout the year! 

Lonestar Levi, or Levi as we call him, is our 100% Old English Blossom Time Pedigreed import from the U.K. who is a traditional seal bicolor. Levi has a very affectionate temperament, a loving nature, and is quite a big boy! He has superb boning and typing, and perfect blue eye coloring, all of which he passes on to his chubby kittens. He too is registered with TICA and GCCF. Look for his kittens on our "Available Kittens" page throughout the year!

​Our Kings


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